Model 4 Bass

Model 4 Bass standard features:
32-33-34-35 inch scale
Available in 4-5-6 strings versions
QS Roasted Maple neck
24 narrow gauge stainless steel frets
Dual action truss rod
Carbon fiber neck stabilization
Black Hipshot Y key tuners
Black Hipshot A style bridge, Aluminum, 19mm spacing on 4, 18mm on 5 and 6
Fret board woods, various
Body of various tonewoods
Top Woods of Maple, Walnut, Madrone, Myrtle, Redwood
Volume, Volume, Tone controls
Straplock ready
Matte hard oil wax finish
1.5" nut width, 2.48" high fret width
7-8 pounds
Mono Vertigo case included
$3600-4 str, $3800-5 str, $4000 6 str
Base price does not include pickup or preamp selection.  Customer choice of brand and style.
Available options
Exotic or exhibition grade top woods
Chrome or Gold tuners and bridge saddles
D-tuner, Hipshot brand
Zero Fret
Fretless with or without lines
Brass bridge tray
Bartolini, Nordstrand, Ulyate, EMG pickups
Volume, Blend, Tone controls
Preamps from 3 Leaf Audio, Aguilar, Darkglass
Fret board inlay (various)
Colored finish
Flatwound strings
Custom hardshell case