I am Andrew Drake and I specialize in crafting custom handmade bass guitars.  I build semi-hollow, solid body, fretless, headless, extended range, and some customer specified one off designs.  I have constructed instruments for a wide range of musicians, recording artists, composers, and collectors.  My focus is on the various designs I have created over the years, but I am also known to build specialized instruments for players with special design requests or needs, and I have been involved with some prototyping work for other designers.   I started building commissioned instruments in 2005 and opened Drake Custom in 2010.  I am located in Nevada, Iowa, USA.

Quality Made Instruments

Drake instruments are true handcrafted instruments as each is crafted by me, in my small shop, with basic shop tools.   I have control over the entire process from start to finish.  Since the work is all done by hand, customers can be assured that every detail of the instrument, from the fretwork and neck carve, to the electronics and hardware, will get my close attention.  I strive to create an instrument that has the feel of the highest quality, voiced with the greatest tones, and with bulletproof reliability.  My goal has always been to create an instrument that meets the player's needs and surpasses their expectations.  Each customer has my utmost attention and receives great customer service during and after the build.


My foray into bass guitar construction began as early as my first bass guitar, in 1993.  My first bass was a cheap copy of a Fender bass.  I tinkered with it, and tried to sort out the set up, so it would play better.  It never really played well, so I moved on to purchase many production basses over the next ten years.  In 2003 I decided to scratch build my own bass.  That bass turned out really nice and I had some players interested in having me make one for them too.  In 2005 I started building my first handmade instruments to sell.  During that time I found that I had a knack for making necks that were perfect for players with hand issues or who had suffered a shoulder injury.  Things were going well, so in 2010, I left all my other work and concentrated on building basses full time.  I started Drake Custom on June 6th of 2010, and specialized in building custom one-off designs, built to customer specifications.  I still build under this label today.


Drake Custom started as a full on custom shop,  but in 2020, we have moved focus onto the production of some of our finest designs from over the years.  Although we build all types of bass instruments, our passion and specialty, is semi-hollow 33 and 32 inch scale basses.   Over the next few years we will add to our design selections but for now please visit our Instruments page for our current offerings.  We still build custom orders upon request, but only a few a year.

Drake Custom is located in Nevada, Iowa, USA.  I do not have a store front and visitations are by appointment only.  If you will be in the Central Iowa area, and would like to visit the shop, please contact me through the website or call.